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historic wood ready for a second life.

Barnwood panels

We collect authentic old wood worldwide. Drawn by the elements, we prepair it in collaboration with the local community into stable 3-layer Barnwood furniture panels.

Barnwood gevelbekleding

In addition to furniture panels, Barnwood is also available from us as authentic planking. Our product catalogue clearly shows which products can be used indoors, outdoors or outdoors after treatment.

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Shou Sugi Ban.

In de belevering van de Nederlandse, Vlaamse en Duitse markt hebben wij naast Barnwood nog veel meer unieke houtproducten. Denk aan het bijzondere Shou Sugi Ban, het Hollands Hout via Staatsbosbeheer en een variëteit aan tuin- en bouwgerelateerde producten.



Wood is a highly circular raw material compared to other building materials. In the world of timber, there are strong labels around selling recycled wood. Since 2017, Plancker has held one of these labels, which is the FSC 100% Recycled label.

follow craftsmanship.

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