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Wood that has traveled an extremely short distance to our warehouse is our Hollands Hout®. Selected by Staatsbosbeheer, we jointly maintain the future quality of Dutch forests.


Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly building types in the world. A tree stores CO2 during its growth and does not let it go during harvesting and processing.


Staatsbosbeheer tries to use our Dutch wood as high-quality as possible - for example by not burning it as firewood - and to store it in the chain.



to the healthy preservation of Dutch forests

The Dutch forests regularly provide us with beautiful batches of wood. That's why it makes sense to subscribe to our monthly newsletter  to subscribe, in which we share new entries with you.

Personal choice

You can purchase this wood from us per piece or in the required square meters. We will select the most beautiful planks for you when you order online. It is also possible to make an appointment and view our Barnwood stock yourself in peace.

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