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Circular raw material

Compared to other building materials, wood is
a very circular raw material. 

What makes wood so special?

USPs Circulair

The circle is round.

We believe that a circular economy is a worthy replacement for the traditional linear model. Where 'take-make-waste' has predominated in recent decades, a circular economy strives for as little waste as possible based on 3 principles:


  • Developing waste and pollution

  • Keep products and materials in use

  • Recovery oft the natural systems


This creates a regeneration cycle instead of a continuous increase in waste. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has clearly illustrated this development:

Plancker Circulaire Visie 2021.png

Wood is naturally biodegradable

Where on the left in the diagram the biodegradable materials circulate with greater ease, on the right side with the technical materials it is often more difficult. This is what makes our love for wood so wide-spread. A powerful yet biodegradable material that can renew with just sunlight, soil and time.

Our products

The Barnwood that we collect does not need any nutrients to start a second life. Even with possible impregnation, you can opt for bio-based oils. The only waste we create is any cutting loss when fitting the wood into your projects. However, this waste is of a completely different nature from a technical material in which chemical substances have been incorporated.

Image by Artem Maltsev

May we invite you?

We like to work together on a sustainable world. Feel free to come and have a look in our showroom to see what old wood can do for your project.

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