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Wall cladding with a story

Increasingly, contractors and villa builders are expected to meet circular requirements. This does not necessarily make building easier. That is why we at Plancker like to think along those lines.

Circular wood

In fact, Plancker collects old wood worldwide and ensures that it is prepared for construction in a high-quality manner.


Sustainable building

So special stories from Canada, Croatia and the Carinthia region, for example, end up in Dutch construction projects. Old wood, ready for a second life.

Dozens of wood species are available in stock. Above all, come (with your client or architect) to select the right planks or boards.

Plancker Barnwood Gevelbekleding.jpg

Villa construction

Distinctive design in the world of villa construction is enhanced by the right building materials. Combine clean lines with characteristic old wood.

Barnwood Indian Express op de bouw jaar na dato 10 (3).JPG

Hotel and catering industry

Distinctive buildings throughout the Netherlands - they testify to guts and special choices. This gives a restaurant, hotel or workplace a distinctive look.

BarnWood Geneve Veldzicht Groede 2.jpeg

Outdoor living area

Relax, get away from it all. Outdoor living quarters can also be built or reupholstered with Barnwood.

Plancker Scheepsvloer Almere 3.jpg

Schools, universities and government

What message do you give a student or citizen? How do they use public spaces? And what story is being told here?

Eikentuinhuis Bladel Shou Sugi Ban verlichting (1).jpg

In stock

At our warehouse in Gorinchem, we have a large stock of Barnwood, Shou Sugi Ban and Dutch Wood. Together with our colleagues, find the right batch for your project. The perfect colour shade or texture.

Barnwood Toronto buitenverblijf iom Erik.jpg

Fast delivery

Do you order today? Then we will ensure that the wood joins our transport route through the Netherlands and Belgium as soon as possible. It can be delivered to any warehouse, to a workshop or to the project itself.


Our colleagues Erik and Arjen travel through Belgium and the Netherlands to provide timber merchants with the right product information and samples, for example. Saves you travelling time.

Would you like us to drop by too?

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