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Tuinhout Angelim Vermelho pakket1 (2).jpg

Unique gardens

An outdoor space to live in - lovely! As a gardener, you make that possible for many customers. We like to offer the gardener a central place with special wood.

Circular wood

Thus, we collect wood all over the world. This wood has withstood the elements for many years, giving it a beautiful character. This makes unique outdoor enclosures, fences and cladding.

Garden wood

We also like to complement our range with high-quality garden wood. Think Padouk, Kapur, Angelim Vermelho, Larch and the familiar oak.

BarnWood Pennsylvania tuinschuur (2).JPG


Wood that has seen years of service in the Alps, the high mountains of Toronto and the Carinthia region.

Eikentuinhuis Bladel Shou Sugi Ban Karpervijver.jpg

Shou Sugi Ban

Unique black burnt wood: Shou Sugi Ban. Authentically, the Japanese burn wood to protect properties from wildfires and weather conditions.

Plancker scheepsvloer strand Katwijk (2).JPG

Ship's decl

After faithful service on board, a ship floor is an excellent product for a second life.

Plancker Padoek terras.jpg

Garden wood

Padouk, Kapur, Angelim Vermelho, stone partitions and many other garden wood options. We like to take the burden off the gardener completely.

Eikentuinhuis Bladel Shou Sugi Ban verlichting (1).jpg

In stock

At our warehouse in Gorinchem, we have a large stock of Barnwood, Shou Sugi Ban, garden wood and Dutch Wood.


Fast delivery

All wood can be easily collected from us in Gorinchem or delivered to your doorstep on the project.


Our colleagues Erik and Arjen travel through Belgium and the Netherlands to provide timber merchants with the right product information and samples, for example. Saves you travelling time.

Would you like us to drop by too?

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