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Barnwood in interior

As an interior design specialist, make a difference. Give a home character, design unique statement pieces and take an interior to the next level.


Old wood for interior designers and builders

We love working together and especially with interior specialists. It is great to see our old wood getting a second life in Dutch interiors. Century-old wood simply cannot be matched as a (circular) raw material.

Barnwood, Shou Sugi Ban and more

There is a wide range of colour shades, structure and... stories available. Do you like wood from the Kitzbühel region? Or do you have a special connection to Canada? A weakness for Japanese craftsmanship? Our range consists of high-quality products that we have collected for you from all over the world.

There are dozens of wood species and colour shades available. Be sure to come and see (with your customer) special old wood planks or furniture panels.

Business interior design

Plancker Van Zon Interieurbouw Barnwood.JPG

Utility construction

A warm, distinctive workplace with a circular character. We find that this is increasingly catching on with business interior design customers.

Plancker Shou Sugi Ban Restaurant Breda.jpg

Hotel and catering industry

High-end restaurants generate a special customer experience. Wine comes with a story, so does our historic wood.

Plancker kastenwand Barnwood oud hout.jpg

Custom-made furniture

In the private segment, Barnwood gives an interior project just that bit of distinction. Sideboards, cupboard walls, window sills, luxury fireplaces - what creative application do you think of for our wood?

Plancker BarnWood Karinthie Badmeubel 1.jpg

Bathroom furniture

Even in the bathroom, Barnwood can be properly incorporated. Thus, several sanitary specialists and interior designers now realise warm, authentic furniture in these previously rather austere rooms.

Interior design for private customers

Why Plancker?

  • Large stock of historic timber

  • Warehouse central in the Netherlands

  • Pick-up or delivery

  • Fast delivery

  • Picking the perfect planks yourself 

  • Sample box and samples available

  • After pay 

  • Growing product range

Eikentuinhuis Bladel Shou Sugi Ban verlichting (1).jpg

In stock

At our warehouse in Gorinchem, we have a large stock of Barnwood, Shou Sugi Ban and Dutch Wood. Free to visit, to find just the right board or panel.

Plancker Dokvast Indian Express nissen.JPG

Fast delivery

Do you order today? Then we will make sure that the wood joins our transport route through the Netherlands and Belgium as soon as possible.


Our colleagues Erik and Arjen travel through Belgium and the Netherlands to provide timber merchants with the right product information and samples, for example. Saves you travelling time.

Would you like us to drop by too?

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