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Indian Express Board

Indian Express Board

BarnWood Indian Express is an industrial board made of old oak. This old oak comes from the insides of old oak railway sleepers. These sleepers are different from normal railway sleepers.Because this was for a temporary route in a nature reserve, it has not been preserved with creosote or tar, making it suitable for interior applications. The slats often have the characteristic holes where the metal blocks of the rails used to be, giving it a distinctive blue/black discolouration that gives it its charm and industrial look.

The gluing is on stable 12 mm birch plywood and the holes are filled. The 20 cm wide slats are stuccoed which gives it a rustic and varied look.



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  • Specifications

    Thickness: approx. 20 mm

    Width: 1220 mm

    Length: 2750 mm

  • Wood

    Old oak, KD dried, glued on 12 mm birch plywood.

  • Application

    Unique panels for doors and other interior finishes.

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