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Grenoble Barnwood Floor

Grenoble Barnwood Floor

Our Grenoble floor is made from the insides of old oak beams. These have a rustic appearance and a nicer shade of colour that only occurs naturally with old wood. This floor is stopped so that it is easy to maintain and use. The oak is disassembled with great care in the area. Then the planks are sorted, cleaned and the nails get removed. After this, they are dried to the right moisture percentage and then planed and plugged. After this, they can be finished with oil or varnish if desired. Without question, the old look continues to amaze and warm people.



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  • Specifications

    Thickness: approx. 20 mm

    Width: 14, 16, 20, 24 cm

    Lengte: 80 up to 300 cm

  • Wood

    Old oak insides glued to birch plywood.

  • Applications


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