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New Scaffolding Wood

New Scaffolding Wood

New scaffolding wood is our budget product. These are finely sawn spruce planks, originating from the Black Forest in Germany. This is an area where the wood can grow in a balanced way. The new scaffolding wood is not buckled and banded and does not have nail plates. This freshly sawn wood may shrink slightly after processing. After all, it has not been back-dried. This new scaffolding wood can be treated with a white or grey stain to create a used look.



  • Free shipping to the Netherlands for orders over €1500
  • Pick up within 1-2 business days
  • Visit our showroom without obligation
  • Specifications

    Thickness: 30 mm

    Width: 195 mm

    Length: 5000 mm

  • Wood

    Spruce, sawn, patched.

    (KD dried possible)

  • Application

    Endless applications: on walls, walls and furniture, among others

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