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Suar Tabletop

Suar Tabletop

SKU: 5012

Made-to-measure product

No tree is identical, so our table tops are also unique.

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Suar Table Top

Suar is a tropical hardwood which we import from the Far East. Suar is a fast-growing wood (up to 1.5 metres per year) and very popular because it does not easily tear. Suar has beautiful colour shades from the heart to the outer edges of the trunk. The trunk of this tree is short, but very thick. This gives us the possibility to deliver very wide tops from a single trunk.


We are currently taking photos of our Suar table tops, so you can select them here.


Each table top comes with 78 cm high Suar legs. Of course, black metal legs are also available. These can be ordered separately in our webshop.



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  • Specification

    Thickness: approximately 80 mm

    Width: varying

    Length: varying

  • Wood

    Suar, dried and pre-sanded

  • Application

    Table top, ready to be assembled on matching Suar table legs or optional black metal table legs.

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