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Barnwood Loftdoor

Barnwood Loftdoor

Customised offer:

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Barnwood loft door

A characteristic detail about old barns: the entrance gate.‎ We developed a door which is built up with Barnwood planks which stand the test of time.‎ The wood has a unique grey color created by the sun.‎ This product can be used to decorate wall cabinets or rooms with a particular old element.‎ The framework is provided by vertical planks, so that the door can be put up easily.‎



  • Free shipping to the Netherlands for orders over €1500
  • Pick up within 1-2 business days
  • Visit our showroom without obligation
  • Specification

    Thickness: ca. 42 - 45 mm
    Width: 610 - 1200 mm (customized)
    Length: 1900 - 2600 mm (maatwerk)

    Delivered within 6 weeks

  • Wood

    Softwood (pine/spruce), brushed and finished on both sides.

  • Application

    Sliding doors in offices, homes, but can also be used as cabinet walls.

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