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impossible to imitate.

On our journey around the world we find the oldest barns and dilapidated buildings. We dismantle these together with the local community in order to preserve the beautiful wood, formed by the elements, in a condition that is impossible to imitate by any machine.


This reclaimed barnwood is not burned. That would be a waste of all the CO2 that is stored in this wood. No, together with the interior-loving humans all over the world we skilfully prepare the floorboards of these old barns for a second life.


Whether it's a​​ unique wooden wall cladding or a much-discussed wall unit in a special interior, our Barnwood gives real estate projects a quality mark.

Barnwood collection.

Barnwood Tsiblisi Plaatmateriaal Front 1.png
BarnWood Kastanje Front 1.JPG
een voorbeeld
Georgie 2023 (2).jpg

Our Barnwood collection is constantly growing. That is why it makes sense to subscribe to our monthly newsletter , in which we share special finds with you.

Personal choice

It is also possible to purchase this historic wood per plank or exactly in the desired quantity from us. These can be found out in peace during a showroom appointment.  


When you order online, we select a combination of the most beautiful planks for you.  

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